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Brophy & Associates can protect your real property assets through Receivership and often increase their value during the workout phase and or foreclosure period.

Placing an asset in Receivership, whether in the State or Federal Court, can be one of the best vehicles for protecting the asset from deterioration or loss of income. A Receivership can shield you from potential liability and allow you to achieve commercially-driven solutions with a minimum time and cost. A Receivership would allow you to gain immediate access to an asset and begin the turnaround efforts while the foreclosure is being considered or processed. Receivership costs are most often self-funded when a property is producing income. The Receiver collaborates with the third parties involved and can ensure access and information for your needs.

Receivers provide a considerable amount of flexibility and shield you from adversarial environments.

Trusted Companies that Choose Brophy & Associates, Ltd.

Brown, Beradini & Dunning, P.C.

Frascona, Joiner, Goodman & Greenstein

Hindman Sanchez

Lansky, Weigler & Porter, P.C.

Moeller Graf, P.C.

Orten, Cavanaugh, Richmond & Holmes LLC

Springman, Braden, Wilson & Pontius, P.C.

Winzenburg, Leff, Purvis & Payne LLP

Western Law Group, LLC

How Can Brophy & Associates Help You and Your Business?


Brophy and Associates, Ltd. has a wide range of experience serving as Receiver for various entities, Financial Institutions and Secured Creditors all over Colorado. We have a developed and collaborative process allowing us to effectively administer and manage assets in Receivership. Our extensive history and knowledge in the legal aspects of Receivership powers and authority attribute to our longevity and past successes.

Through key relationships and successful outcomes, the firm has built a reputation as a trusted option serving appointments for Homeowners Associations, Secured Creditors and Financial institutions, Private Equity firms and Individuals in Colorado.

We have strong relationships with the various key organizations servicing the real estate market such as Realtors, Property Managers and many general 3rd parties that allow us to pull resources as needed for success.